Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Real Way To Drive Traffic From Youtube To A Niche Website

Youtube is without a doubt one of the greatest websites for getting traffic ever to have hit the Internet. People are always thirsty for videos to watch, and if you can captivate an audience, then you can get them to click on a link to your website.

Most people, though, shy away from the thought of creating a video and uploading it to the Internet for the world to see, as they become self conscious. What if it’s not good enough, what if they don't like me…?

My advice? Don’t worry about that stuff, just do it. You will find that nobody leaves you negative comments, and if they do, just delete them! Don’t let the opinions of people who are usually less successful than you decide what to do. Youtube is amazing for fast, quality traffic, so start to build a Youtube channel now!

You don’t even need to get in front of the camera!

Even though I’m sure all my readers are hunks and babes, if you don’t physically want to get in front of the camera, than that is fine. In fact, until your video making skills are more refined, I don’t recommend it. Instead, I recommend that you do screencast videos.

Either make tutorial videos, or informational videos that are related to your niche. These are easy to make, and you only need to do a voiceover for them. For doing the voiceover, here are some tips I found from a post in the Warriorforum.

"Few tips (used to be a radio presenter)

  • When recording promos or audio clips, smile as you speak - it comes out in your voice and actually sounds better if you compare it to when you spoke without smiling
  • Replace 'umms / ahhs' with silence - it makes you sound like you're a bit deeper in thought. Annunciation is important with this though, so if your voice sounds trembly and nervous then this method won't work. You will have to consciously record yourself doing this a number of times before this will be automatic
  • I'm assuming you're ad-libbing as you go along instead of reading from prepared notes. Record once ad-lib, write down word for word what you intended to say, then re-record with the notes nearby to prompt you. Don't sound like you're reading word for word. It may help to put these into dot form although that depends upon personal preference
  • Don't rely on your first recording being the only recording. When you've recorded multiple videos for a long time over and over again then yes, you can use your first recording as it will likely be near-perfect if not perfect for your needs. There were many times I recorded audio snippets and something was just not quite right the first time, and re-recording / producing it again, while more time consuming, paid off."
To actually make the video, just use a program like camtasia studios and either record the screen or insert images into your timeline. Render it, and you’re ready to go! If you’re handy with photoshop, create an interesting looking thumbnail which you think will grap viewers attention. If you’re crap with photoshop (like me), then just outsource this part to Fiverr.

Make At Least 5 Videos First

Whenever I create a new Youtube channel, I hate looking at just one lonesome video. That’s why I always make 5 videos related to each other, and upload them at the same time. It works well if you have 5 thumbnails all with the same color schemes, and then putting those videos into a playlist. This gives your channel a bit of weight, and I think it even helps you out in terms of Youtube SEO, but I’m not sure.

Apart from the fact that it looks better, you will also get 5 times more traffic to your website. Sometimes, you may get loads more than 5 times the amount of traffic, because one of those videos could take off and bring you thousands of hits per month from that one video.

Upload Your Video With SEO In Mind

To get more eyeballs on your videos, you want to optimize your on page options and get seen in more search results, both on Youtube and also in Google. This is pretty easy to do.

  • Write a 500 word description for your video, and post it under your backlink
  • Have at least 10 tags on your video
  • As well as making the title attention grabbing, make sure you include the keywords you’re trying to target.

Taking the time and effort to optimize your videos will result in a lifetime of extra traffic for your website, which, with a bit of luck, will make you some extra dosh.

When you’ve uploaded 5 videos, and you start to see traffic coming in, don’t stop there! Set aside time each week to create a video, and upload it to your Youtube channel. Don’t just sit back and rest on your laurels. Be proactive and grow your business constantly!

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