Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Numbskulls Guide To Turning Quora Into A Targeted Traffic Stream

If you're struggling to find new ways to bring quality traffic to your niche website, then you should read this article, and also bookmark it. I'm going to tell you how you can turn the popular question / answer site, Quora, into a traffic waterfall.

The best type of traffic is always going to be targeted traffic. If you're using Quora to drive visitors to your website, the traffic you get will be more laser targeted than the laser beam slowly working it's way to James Bond's groin area.

What is Quora?

Quora is a fairly new question and answer website, similar to Yahoo Answers, but it's also a kind of social network as well. You can answer questions in specific topics, and also start your own blog on your profile. You don't have to browse through it for too long to realise it's a lot better for online marketers than Yahoo Answers.

The questions are specific, and you get to see how many people have viewed each answer, and each question.

How To Get Traffic From Quora?

Obviously, you're going to need to get your website link in front visitors needing answers to questions. You'll want to sign up to Quora with Google, and select to follow topics related to your website niche. So if you're blog is about SEO, follow topics related to SEO and linkbuilding.
Now, whenever you log on, you will see questions related to your websites niche, that need answering.

Go onto these questions, and if you can, answer them. Don't be one of those guys that writes the longest most detailed reply because they think that will get them the up-vote. Don't try to expand on the questions. Just answer them and make sure you give the askers what they want.
If you answer the questions well, people will up-vote you and your answers will be shown further up the page.

Inserting Links Into Your Answers

When answering questions, look out for places where you can link to your blog or website. If you have a specific article relating to the original question, you should link it. When people view the answer, some may click on your link you left behind and visit your site. Once you have roughly ten links or so (which could take a couple of months) you will start to see stable traffic coming in from Quora, and you will find the traffic is quality.

You can't leave a link to your website in every answer, otherwise you will be banned pretty quickly. Instead, leave your link only when you think it adds real value to the question. That way, anybody that clicks the link will find exactly what they are looking for, and may just become a lifelong fan of you and your website.

The best thing about leaving links in answers, is that when people find the question in the search engines, they may just click on your link as well. This is great for getting long term traffic, and it's almost as good as having your website on the front page of Googles search results.

Writing Posts On Quora For Traffic

One of the most overlooked features on Quora is the ability to have your own blog on your account. You can write posts about anything in your field, and publish it for anyone who views your profile to see. If you have answered plenty of questions carefully, then you should get views on your blog posts.

When you have links in your posts that lead to your website, then it's just a matter of time before some of those Quora readers become your blog readers. Say post of yours on Quora gets 100 views a month. You have one link back to your website in that post. If just 10 per cent of those readers click through to your blog, then you have 10 free targeted visitors per month. One post might talk you one hour to write, so spending one hour per week writing articles for Quora will really pay off for you in the long run.

Other Tips For Using Quora As A Traffic Source

Like with all social networks, there are many ways that you can optimise your experience and make your profile work harder for you. Here are a few more tips to help you squeeze the most traffic possible out of Quora.

Use The Iphone App

The Iphone app is awesome (if you have an iPhone of course) for keeping up to date with Quora and answering questions on the go. Next time you’re on the bus, waiting for a coffee, on the loo, you can take a couple of minutes to increase your Quora exposure and win more traffic.

Complete Your Profile

Completing your profile fully is good for establishing authority, and will help you get more followers. Followers are useful, as they will always check out your blog posts, and when they see your answers, they will be more inclined to click on your links, as they trust you. Most people forget this step, and may find that they are missing out on a lot more traffic, just by looking a little bit more credible. Remember, it isn’t really just a click. It’s a human being visiting your website.

Final Thoughts On Quora Traffic Hunting

Now that you are aware of the traffic you could be receiving free from Quora, you really have no excuse not to be doing it! It does not take long at all, and you could have answered 5 questions and left one link within an hour of reading this post.

Try to dedicate one or two hours per week to Quora, and keep checking your analytics for results that keep you motivated.

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