Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Take Advantage Of Slideshare And Get A Free Flood Of Highly Targeted Traffic

These days, you’re more and more lightly to come across a PDF or slideshow after searching for something in the search results.

If you can use your head and put together some content in the form of a PDF or slideshow, you can use websites such as Slideshare to drive loads of free targeted traffic to your website.

Slideshare alone gets over 60,000,000 million unique visitors, so there is plenty of traffic to be had here. If you’re willing to spend time creating slideshows to upload to these hungry visitors, you’ll be rewarded by free engaged traffic, and lots of it.

If you have never made a slideshow before, then the learning curve is quite steep, but if you take advantage of a simple tutorial, and actually practise a few times, you can “pump out” great looking and engaging slideshows in under an hour. Here is a video showing you how to create a slideshow using the free software suite, open office.

Coming Up With Ideas For A Slideshow

If you’re at the stage where you are trying to get traffic from websites, you should already have a good few pieces of content on your website that people want to read. If this is the case, then coming up with ideas for a slideshow is already done. Just repurpose your article. If you have an article called “5 ways to boil a potato”, then guess what your slideshow will be about? That’s right. 5 ways to boil a potato.

If you turn all of your articles on your website into a fun and engaging slideshow, you will increase your chances dramatically of getting traffic from slideshare. The more eyes in front of your links, the more clicks you will get to your website its simple. So never say that you've done “enough” marketing on Slideshare. Always be adding slideshows to your account and keep your traffic growing. Like I've said with other posts, consistency is key.

Include Statistics In Your Slideshows

Interesting facts and figures coupled with fascinating (but relevant) pictures can be real attention grabbers for your audience, and will draw them further into your slideshow. This is helpful when you want them to start clicking on your link and visiting your website.

Where To Leave Your Links

When you create a slideshow and upload it to Slideshare, you need to be aware of one thing. Any links that you leave are not clickable for the first 5 pages / slides of your upload. This rule was probably introduced to stop people creating 3 - 4 page PDF’s and just spam uploading them to various PDF sharing sites for clicks.

Now, you are actually forced to create a reasonably nice looking presentation, and slip links into the show at some point without being overly self promotional. I find that the best way to leave your links in slideshow presentations is to insert them in the middle and end of your presentation, with a strong call to action to actually get the click.

Upload Your Slideshows With SEO'd Descriptions

A-lot of the people viewing your slideshow are going to be visitors who have come across your show on the actual website, that's a given. But many people are going to watch your slideshow having found it via a Google search. Make sure you write a decent article to go along with your slideshow to maximise the amount of traffic you get from Google, which will in turn lead to more hits on your website.

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