Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How To Pick A Niche When You Want To Promote A Clickbank Product As An Affiliate

When people decide they want to make money as a Clickbank affiliate, the first challenge they are faced with is picking a niche to go into. There’s so much misinformation online when it comes to choosing a niche, it can be easy for a beginner to get caught up in all the different opinions, and actually end up doing nothing.

Although I’m not the be all and end all of affiliate marketing, I've probably been doing it for longer than you, and I’ve made decent money with Clickbank.

The first thing you should know, is that if your goal is to make money, then you need to enter a niche where money is spent online. I have posted these below, with a little description for each one but first I’ll quickly explain what a niche is.

What Is A Niche?

A niche is basically the subject that your website is going to be focused on. For example, if you want a website about dogs, a niche could be “small dogs” or “hairy dogs”. You're whole website needs to be focused on a specific subject, making it easier to write about, and it will also make it easier to promote. People look for specific information, and if you can give it to them, you can make money from them by recommending Clickbank products.

You also need to make sure that people actually spend money in a certain niche. Instead of doing loads of costly and time consuming keyword research, just stick with the proven niches. They are as follows.

The Wealth Niche – This niche is a hugely lucrative niche for advanced marketers. I've made loads of money in this niche, and can tell you that it's extremely hard to do. This niche may even be the hardest niche to get into, and I would not recommend it to a newbie marketer. If you do enter the wealth niche, your website could be focused on “make money with twitter”, “the stock market for beginners”, etc. You're going to be up against heavy hitters here, so be prepared to work hard!

The Health Niche – The health niche is extremely popular with affiliate marketers, as it's lucrative, and largely easy to beat competition. Because there are so many tiny little niches in the health market, you can really burrow down to something specific that nobody else has even thought about. From aching joints, to curing herpes, the health niche is a real money magnet. Personally, most of my websites / online real estate is in the health niche, because of how easy it is to get traffic. A few good website ideas would be “heal lower back pain” , “get rid of bunions” , or “change your life with yoga”, etc. There is plenty of traffic to be had here, and it's all easy to write about should you do it yourself.

The Relationships Niche – You would be surprised at how many people spend money buying PDF's that teach them tips on how to pick up women. And it's not just guys that are spending either. Loads of women buy eBooks on dating, getting a husband, getting exes back etc. People always find money to find love, all you have to do is point them in the right direction. You could have websites about “how to seduce women with texts” , “how to properly surprise your partner” , “how to get your husband to take out the trash”, etc. If you think the relationship niche is the right one for you, then you'd better be ready to learn about Facebook. Relationship articles always get shared on Facebook and it's a great way to get free traffic.

Are you starting to get the idea now? You need to be building websites that people are actually looking for, and you need to offer them a paid solution to their problem. Most won't buy, but some will, which is all you need to worry about. Think outside the box, and always look for new trends. Here are a couple more examples of decent niches.

The DIY Niche – People from all over the world buy instructions online on building useful things. People will be more inclined to pay for the instructions if the product will save them money. “Make your own solar panels” is one that makes money, as people always want free electric. I know I do. The DIY niche can also encompass the “prepper” niche, which is all about preparing for a world with no rule or law, which people are extremely scared off, especially during this economic climate. Look around as you will find lots of interesting DIY niche products that you can promote and make good money from.

The Pets Niche – People love their animals, and will always spend money making there lives better and healthier, so look into this niche if you're an animal lover. You'll find that “home made dog food” type products and also “dog training” products will sell well on Clickbank. I have also done a small bit of experimentation in this niche, and find that traffic is easy to come by, but the conversion rates can be quite low. Don't worry to much about conversion rates though, I just concentrate on getting as much traffic as possible, as that is what will make you money. Traffic.

Final Thoughts On Choosing A Niche

If you're not so new to affiliate marketing, then you can choose to enter a niche that you're familiar with / had success in previously. If you're a newb, pick one of the above listed niches. Always go with the one that interests you the most, because if you choose to write your own articles, or make the site bigger after seeing success, you will have a much easier time sticking to your website and showing consistency, which is key. Making a website about something that bores you, will be, ...well, boring. If you get bored, it's going to feel like work, and you'll give in too easily.

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