Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How To Find The Best Clickbank Product To Promote For Maximum Revenue

Time and time again, I see plenty of great blogs and websites, that are probably getting great traffic, promoting crappy, non - converting products.

Simply put, they are wasting money. Your traffic is probably the most important asset that your website has, and when you want to monetize that traffic using Clickbank, then you need to do it right. Before, I posted an article about choosing the right niche to enter when you want to promote a Clickbank product, now, I will explaing how to actually pick the right product to promote in your niche.

This is easy to do, and actually quite fun as well. The product is what you'll be getting commission for as an affiliate, so if you choose a crappy product, you'll get crappy results.

What Is The Most Important Thing To Think About When Choosing A Product?

The most important thing to think about when choosing which product you want to promote, is “would I buy it?”. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience (future traffic), and ask yourself if it is something that might tempt you to buy. To browse Clickbank products, sign up to as an affiliate, and look through the products in your chosen niche. Here are some of the things that I look at when choosing a product to promote as an affiliate.

The Gravity – The gravity score of a product is determined by how many different affiliates are making money from the product. I won't go into specifics, but if a product has a gravity score of 30, it means that at least 30 different affiliates have made at least one sale of the product in the last 2 weeks. This tells you that the product will convert other peoples traffic, and it will convert yours as well. Some people say that Gravity is not a useful metric for determining whether or not a product will work, but I disagree. If other people are making it work for them, so can you!

The Sales Page – The sales page is very important. It's the first thing your traffic will see, and if it looks ugly, they will click away from the page, and probably resent you for sending them there in the first place. I like to make sure that the sales page is a visual sales page (VSL) as video sales letters convert at a much higher rate due to them being a lot more engaging. Another thing I like to look out for is leaks on the sales page. Things like contact links, email options, free trials etc are all ways for traffic to end up not buying the product, which results in lost commission for you. Scour the sales page and if you see anything that will lead your traffic away, choose a different product.

Affiliate Tools – Affiliate tools are very useful in saving you a lot of work. You can get banners, swipe files, spin-able articles for SEO, graphics, opt in books etc. A good page of affiliate tools lets me know that the vendor values his / her affiliates time.

The Price – Usually, you get 50% - 75% of the sale. This is a large commission, so it's generally a good idea to pick a product that has a high price, as you don't have to make many sales to make great money. Most products will be $37 -$47 each, and will have even higher priced upsells, so even one sale a week could make you $100 a week from your niche website. If that's not motivation enough, I don't know what is!


That’s all there really is to it when it comes to choosing the right Clickbank product to promote. If there are a few good products that you fancy, try switching them about, or promoting all of them. If you continue to test, and find the product with the best conversion rate for your traffic, you could be making big money very soon.

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