Tuesday, 26 May 2015

How A New Blogger Should Go About Using Facebook, Twitter, And Google Plus

So you you’ve set up your blog, written a few good blog posts, and now you want to find some visitors to check out your website, and maybe earn a little bit of money.

For now, you should just forget about Google. Seriously, Google does not care about your new blog right now. If you spend your valuable hours trying to build links to your website you are pretty much wasting your time. Instead, it’s essential you put your time into generating other sources of traffic.

That’s why new websites should always focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus in the early stages of your promotion strategy. It generates fast traffic (albeit it probably small) which is great for motivation, but you will also gain followers across the social network who will visit your website again in the future. It’s free to do (although you can pay), usually quite fun, and it’s a damn sight easier than trying to do SEO.

How To Begin…

First of all, obviously, you need a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and a Google+ page. But this means that you need to complete the profiles properly, which might take a few hours each. Unless you’re great with photoshop, you’ll need to upload banners and backgrounds to your social media accounts, so you might have to fork out a few dollars (~$25) to get all this done.

You need to look successful to be successful, so making your profiles look snazzy is going to get more people to like or follow you, which will result in more traffic, which is the original goal. Ask yourself. Would you follow a scruffy looking facebook page? I wouldn’t, so don’t expect anybody else to.

Create 10 Posts That You Can Share

You need to add some content into your social media feed to show that you actually post content for your readers. When it comes to maintaining a social media account, I think basic consistency is key. I’ll explain more into this later, but for now, you’re just looking to make your feeds look active should a user land on it.

I usually post links to my blog content along with a question (to coax out comments) and then share other useful content that is relevant to my site. If you’re ever stuck, this is an easy way to keep your followers coming back to you. Do this too much, and they will see that you are lazy, and will just start following the original posters of that content and not you.

One tip for getting this done fast is to just post exactly the same status / tweet / share on all of your accounts. Don’t try to get 30 posts written / found, just stick with the 10 and get it done fast.

Remember. Make it easy for people to click onto your website. Your primary reason for these social media accounts is to drive traffic to your website. Not to build relationships or make friends. These are a side thing. Traffic is going to make you money, so keep your followers going back to your website.

Don’t Just Follow People - Engage With Them

Getting followers is not a case of following / liking people and hoping that they follow you back. You need to only follow prominent people in your websites niche, and get your name out there by commenting, and offering your opinions on things that they post.

I think that when you get involved in an argument (don’t be offensive) you get a few decent followers from that thread, because they see you as a real person, with views that you can share. These people are now going to see your future posts, and may click onto your website, meaning you get traffic. Being real and actually talking about things other than yourself are what get you followers that will engage with you.

Keep Active On Your Accounts

You can’t just post to your new followers when you have a new blog post. You need to keep them engaged every day, so you should always have a list of posts ready made that you can put into your social feeds.

Scheduling can really help you on Facebook and Twitter, but you actually have to be there sometimes. You need to always be answering questions you get, and you need to carry on taking part in discussions. I’m not saying get caught up in social media all day though. Just make sure you’re there enough to keep people reading you and seeing you. Spend a few hours one afternoon a week creating posts that you can share to your social accounts over the next week, and then schedule them at whatever intervals you like.

Then, when you do find the time during the day to get onto your social media accounts, you can just do a bit of commenting and discussion (which is actually fun), so that when your scheduled posts publish, you get more views from your new followers each day. It’s almost like a snowball effect, but you're pushing the snowball, it’s not rolling itself.

To Wrap Up

The biggest trap when it comes to getting traffic with social media, is forgetting why you’re there in the first place. You’re there to get traffic, nothing else. Don’t spend hours reading through various feeds and doing nothing. Go on to grow your accounts / reader base, and then get off and work on something else you have on your to do list.

Make use of social media properly and you can have loads of traffic at your disposal at the click of a button. Imagine how useful that is if you have your own product, or you write a review of a popular product? It makes sense to put some effort into it right off the bat, and growing up that fanbase slowly as you go.

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